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Our Trailin’ Rachel…

aka: the Slug Pig!    (#94in the collection)

The Pike Place Market Foundation approved another of my designs… so… here again – step by step:

(Many thanks, again, to Mark Jeffries for the wonderful photos.    )


DSCN9532   DSCN9533   DSCN9534 DSCN9535   DSCN9537   DSCN9538   DSCN9539   DSCN9540


“Ebony” Rachel, Linda & me in the library…



Doesn’t she look regal seated (on the crates)  in Mum’s back yard?… due to Mark’s assistance with photography!

DSCN9541  DSCN9542  DSCN9543  DSCN9544  DSCN9545  DSCN9546  DSCN9547  DSCN9548  DSCN9549  DSCN9550  DSCN9551  DSCN9552  

Taffy joined in the photo session…

DSCN9553  DSCN9554  DSCN9555  DSCN9556  DSCN9557  DSCN9558  

DSCN9559  DSCN9560  DSCN9561  DSCN9562  DSCN9563

Now, to add the trails of my “staff”…

DSCN9564  DSCN9566  DSCN9567  DSCN9568  DSCN9569  DSCN9570 DSCN9572  DSCN9573  DSCN9574  DSCN9575  DSCN9576  DSCN9577  DSCN9578  DSCN9579  DSCN9582  DSCN9583 


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